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2016 Burnaby Roster

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Riverway Slo-Pitch
12180 214th Street
Maple Ridge, BC V3X5E2

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Riverway Slo-Pitch League
Riverway Slo-Pitch has been operating since the early 1970's. We have Coed 6/4, Men's, Ladies and Masters over 50.
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  All Scheduled Games are ON.
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There are No Scheduled Games Today..
 2018 Season

Tournament Dates are posted on the page

Men's / Ladies / Seniors Icebreaker Results

Coed Icebreaker will be posted later

 Burnaby Alcohol Policy
Click the link to read the City of Burnaby Alcohol Policy
 SPN Online Registration
 ALL Teams / Coaches have been added to SPN’s database.
Players will NOT be able to play in our League until they agree to this. If they do NOT have an email address, send it to the Coach, and have the player come over and AGREE to the Terms. SPN Rosters will be checked and printed on July 1 for Playoffs. No players can be added to roster after July 1 with written approval from the Executive.
 Coaches Login - Riverway Slo-Pitch
 Coaches need to ensure their Riverway contact info is kept current. This enables other coaches to reach you if needed. You have all been assigned a user name and password. If you have forgotten it, you can retrieve it by using the email address you registered with. See Coaches Login Page. This is where you enter your game scores. Home team is responsible for entering the score.
 Parking at Riverway Sports Complex
 While attending or playing at Riverway Park all vehicles MUST BE PARKED LEGALLY. If your vehicle is parked illegally on the street or parked in private lots, including the Mandeville Garden Centre, YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TOWED Towing and impound charges will apply, to get your vehicle back.


Snakebite 6
Sweet Release 18
Basers 2
Breaking Balls 12
Slammers 8
Port royal 5
Blue Balls 16
Juggs N Nutz 4
Sledge Hammers 7
Shakrz 0
Balls of Anarchy 10
Pinch Drinkers 9
Knights 11
Storm 2 10
TKT 15
Pale Ales 11
Hardcore Ballers 1
Twinkies 13
Head Hunters 7
Burly Barber 15
Head Hunters 7
Burly Barber 15
Dawgs 2 16
Orioles 11
Wise Guys 9
Brewers 8
Grubby 11
Goon Sqaud 5
Rockies 22
Storm 1 10
Dawgs 1 19
Schoolhouse Athletics 7
Peckers 15
McGlovin 6
Twisted 8
Buzzd 11
Marauders 17
Krunch 5
West Country Hotel 13
Global 3
Da Dukes 9
Primetime Red Sox 9
The Force 21
Free Agents 13
Spankees 10
Mayhem 14
Angry Birds 14
Hot Box 8